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Who We Are?

Chickenlicious – one of the finest takeaways in town, always ready to serve customers with our inspired menu to elevate their eating experience. Proudly providing our services in Beeston and its surroundings. With a huge list of sizzling and hygienic food options that are ready to win your heart.


Our Burgers

A wide variety of sizzling and ultra-premium chicken, beef, fish and vegie burgers, full of tenderness and a huge range of flavors and size options to choose from. You’re just one step away from tasting one of the best burgers of your life..!

Go For Chicken

Offering an inspired menu of juicy and mouthwatering fried and grilled chicken products for every age and tastes, that has won the hearts of customers and ready to win yours too. Ready to try?

Our Deals

We provide some of the most killer combinations of products from our menu to make a perfect meal for your appetite and health. You have the option to choose any of the ready-made deal or make your own as well.

Our Peri Peri

One of our specialties is our Peri Peri (African Chili) product range. The spice of Peri Peri coupled with delicious chicken will lighten up your taste buds and will surely make you a fan.


Choose Your Meal and Order Now!

Here at Chickenlicious we are providing our customers with one of the best taste in town. Burgers, wraps, fried and grilled chicken, beef, fish, peri peri chicken, drinks, desserts, salad, dips, one-person meals, two-person meals, combos, family meals, you name it, we have it. All the recipes are specially crafted to make sure our customers get the eating experience.


Double Peri Chicken Burger Meal
Boneless, skinless chicken thighs, smoked paprika, Lettuce sliced tomato, sliced onion, roasted corn, Spiced cubes of sweet potato
Fish Burger Meal
White Fish Fillets, Pickles, Lettuce, Cucumber, Egg white, Mustard
Peri Peri Deluxe Meal
Lettuce leaf, Tomato Slice, Chicken fillet, Cheese Slice, onion ring, Peri Peri pickled sauce
Chicken Deluxe Wrap Meal
Skinless chicken breast, spring onion, Bacon, Greek yogurt, Lettuce, Herbed Cream Cheese
Veggie Deluxe Wrap Meal
Yellow split peas, black beans, Vegan BBQ sauce, wheat starch, Iceberg Lettuce
Hunga Busta Meal
2pcs chicken, 2wings and 2strips served with Onion rings, cheese and gold mayonnaise

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